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Stripes Tricot Groen / Wit - Stenzo

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Jersey is a knitted, natural fabric that is elasticated by the addition of elastane. This makes the jersey very suitable for clothing, both for children and adults! Among our hundreds of printed jerseys, you are sure to find the right print for your project! T-shirts, skirts, dresses, pyjamas, cardigans, baby suits: the possibilities are endless!

This fabric has the Oeko-Tex® label. This indicates that the fabric complies with strict social ecological requirements. With this label, you can be sure that no harmful substances have been added.
Meer informatie
Kleur Bedrukt, Groen
Merk Stenzo
Kwaliteit 95% Katoen / 5% Elastan
Stofbreedte +/- 150 cm
Gewicht 200 gr/m2